Bossing It

Confidence and uncertainty with Katherine Lewis

March 22, 2022

This week's guest is Katherine Lewis, a creative scientist with a diverse background across genetics, psychology, neuroscience - and drama! 

Katherine has always been passionate about creativity and science in equal measure and is on a mission to prove that when the two co-exist, amazing things can happen. 

Alongside her work in academia and the media, Katherine is also the founder of Kinda Studios, a female-led studio colliding art and play with neuroscience to explore what lies beyond the horizon of human experience.

An interdisciplinary at her core, Katherine is always turning her incredible mind to various projects. Her latest work - and something we talk a lot about in this episode - is her involvement in The Uncertainty Experts, an online interactive documentary designed to help you develop a new perspective and tools for tackling uncertainty.


In this episode Katherine and Coni discuss:

  • Overcoming our innate fear of uncertainty
  • Techniques to take back control of our thoughts
  • How as founders we can turn uncertainty into a superpower
  • Qualities that make incredible leaders
  • The science behind our thoughts

We hope you enjoy.

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