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Starting a beauty brand and tips for healthy happy skin with Kate Roath

March 8, 2022

This week's guest Kate Roath, the founder of Wild Source, an organic skincare company that incorporates mindfulness and meditation into their skincare rituals. 

Kate always had a passion for skincare and launched Wild Source back in 2017, focusing on natural ingredients that make you look and feel amazing. However, when she started to feel overwhelmed running the business, it began to show in her complexion. 

That’s when Kate realised that self-care is more than skin deep and she began to incorporate meditations into her daily skincare routine. Cut to now and mindful moments are a core pillar of the Wild Source brand, a concept that has seen them soar in popularity and find themselves in stocked in iconic locations such as Liberty and Soho House.

In this episode Kate and Coni discuss:

  • How to overcome feelings of comparison
  • Why tuning into your intuition is key to running a successful business
  • Building and branding a stand-out beauty business 
  • The power of mindfulness and meditation for both your health and your business
  • The surprising marketing campaign that got Kate’s customers excited about the skincare benefits of breathwork

We hope you enjoy.

Find out more about Kate and connect with her:

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  • IG: @wildsourceskincare

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