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The secrets of a game changing crowdfunding campaign with Elin Roberts

January 11, 2022

This week's guest is Elin Roberts, who is  the co-founder of Better Nature, an innovative tempeh brand that is making big moves in the vegan food sector. 

Elin was only a year out of University when in 2018 she decided to leave her role as a marketing strategist and set up Better Nature with her three other co-founders. The company’s growth has been incredible and you can now find their range of tempay products in over 200 retailers nationwide. 

In 2020 the company announced the closing of £430k in seed funding. That might sound impressive - but a year later, they raised £1.6m through the Good Food Fund and an insanely popular crowdfunding campaign with Seedrs.

In this episode Elin and Coni discuss:

  • The ups and downs Better Nature’s crowdfunding journey
  • Advice on finding the right investment route for you
  • What it’s like to take the leap into entrepreneurship, so early in your career
  • As well as the challenges of trying to run a totally ethical business and the benefits of building a brand aligned with your personal values. 

We hope you enjoy.

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